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The 3G sunset is coming. This is a nationwide, carrier driven sunset and as such it affects manufacturers (like Mytrex), dealers (like yourself), and of course the end user (your clients). It is important to remember that this sunset not only affects the medical alert and security industries but also affects all other 3G connected devices.


The most current information provided by AT&T is that the final sunset date for all AT&T 3G devices will be Feb 22, 2022. Don’t make the mistake of thinking the 3G sunset doesn’t (or won’t) affect your business. The time to begin planning is now. In fact, carriers have started the 3G sunset process already. 


A common misconception is that on the published sunset date the network will be like an “ON\Off” switch. This is not true. The date of Feb 22, 2022 is when AT&T plans to have the 3G sunset completed nationwide. The signal quality and allocated bandwidth are already being adversely affected and will continue to do so in the months leading up to the actual sunset date. Therefore, pre-planning is very important. Listed below are a few of the most common FAQs


What is a carrier sunset?


A “sunset” is a term that the cellular industry uses to describe the decommissioning or shutting down of a cellular network. In this case the 3G network.


Why are carriers shutting down the 3G network?


There are many reasons a carrier will sunset a network, one of the primary reasons is to free up bandwidth and migrate over to a much faster, and more robust LTE network.


The network sunset is not until 2022. Why is AT&T announcing it so early?


Because the carriers want to give you adequate time to prepare for the shutdown to avoid interruptions in service.


How will this affect me as a dealer? 


If you currently have clients using the MXD3G or other 3G devices, they will need to be replaced by the sunset date. 


Will the sunset dates for AT&T and Verizon be the same?


The most current sunset dates commonly referenced in the industry are:


  • AT&T 3G sunset date Feb 22, 2022


  • Verizon will begin to shut down 3G network on Jan 1, 2021 and will continue to do so until the end of 2022 at which time the entire network will be dark


What are the next steps as a dealer I should take?


  • Check inventory- Stop installing 3G devices


  • Organize-Put together a list of all 3G devices you have installedSchedule- Create a schedule to replace them


  • Contact Mytrex- Special 3G sunset promotions are available to help you with this transition 


The key to navigating the 3G sunset is proactive planning. 

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