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The smallest waterproof button (IP67) in the industry. This button provides a range of 600-1000 feet and can be worn as either a necklace or wristband. Quickly summon help from anywhere in your residence with a simple press of the button. Mytrex designed the personal help button to be used with both the MXD and MXD-LTE.

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Personal Help Button
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This wall mount button can be placed in high-risk areas to give clients an added layer of security and protection knowing that help is available whenever needed.

Easily mountable anywhere within a residence such as a nightstand, or bathroom. Each RA3TXW is shipped with both 3M Command™ strips and rubber feet that can be attached to the back of the unit. The Command™ strips are ideal for customers who intend to mount the RA3TXW on the wall. The rubber feet are ideal for those who intend to place the RA3TXW on a nightstand, table, or other flat surface. For more information on installation of 3M Command™ strips, see

UL tested, shower safe and waterproof (IP67).  Mytrex designed the wall button to be used with both the MXD and the MXD-LTE.

Wall Button

myActive Alert +

The myActive alert + is designed so that a client can push the button for help at any time. It can also automatically activate an emergency alarm if it detects a fall in the event that the user is unable to trigger an alarm by pressing the button. The myActive + button can be used with both the MXD and the MXD-LTE.


Note: fall sensors do not detect 100% of falls. Clients should always be instructed to press the button for help if possible.

myActive Alrt +
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