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The MXD-LTE is the next generation in cellular PERS technology. Building on the foundation of the very popular VoIP compatible MXD, Mytrex is proud to bring you the MXD-LTE. As traditional POTS lines continue to decline, cellular connectivity has taken over as the future in the PERS industry. Mytrex recognized the need for a reliable, feature-rich in-home cellular PERS unit. Mytrex is proud to announce the dual carrier MXD-LTE.



The MXD-LTE is designed  to be more cost effective to own, monitor, and service than any other unit in the industry. The MXD-LTE combined with the new myLink portal offers dual carrier (AT&T and Verizon) connectivity. In addition to managing the dual carrier feature, myLink provides real time diagnostics, reporting, over the air programming, and many more features that we know are important to our partners. 


  • Dual carrier LTE; AT&T and Verizon certified

  • Cloud-based (via myLink portal)

  • Activate and deactivate SIM cards

  • IP Communication to Central provides optimized speed

  • Automatic periodic pinging provides

    • Signal strength​

    • Current cellular network

    • Battery status

    • Power status

  • Local or over the air programming (OTAP)​

  • Automatic firmware updates (Locally or OTA)

  • Supports fall detection and all other Mytrex accessories

  • Pendant button range up to 600 - 1000 feet

  • Remotely adjustable volume control

  • Voice prompts and messages in multiple languages

  • Remote messaging via myLink

  • Dealer repairable

  • Optimized battery life

myLink (Cloud Based Portal)

The addition of the myLink portal allows dealers to have unsurpassed flexibility, customization, and real time diagnostics. Never wonder about the status of a unit in the field again; simply log into myLink and ping the device. Real time status updates, reporting, and diagnostics are only a ping away.

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