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The MXD-LTE is the next generation in cellular PERS technology. Building on the foundation of the very popular VoIP compatible MXD, Mytrex is proud to bring you the MXD-LTE. As traditional POTS lines continue to decline, cellular connectivity has taken over as the future in the PERS industry. Mytrex recognized the need for a reliable, feature-rich in-home cellular PERS unit. Mytrex is proud to announce the dual carrier MXD-LTE.

15-MYT-001 1G9P04139 on white no shadow.jpg


The MXD is the first traditional PERS on the market to be completely VoIP compatible. When a customer switches from POTS to VoIP, the MXD simply makes the call when needed. As more homes get rid of their POTS lines and switch to the other mediums of communication, the MXD will continue to become more and more valuable to PERS dealers.


The smallest waterproof button (IP67) in the industry. This button provides a range of 600-1000 feet and can be worn as either a necklace or wristband. Quickly summon help from anywhere in your residence with a simple press of the button. Mytrex designed the personal help button to be used with both the MXD and MXD-LTE.

Neck and Wrist PHB.png
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This wall mount button can be placed in high-risk areas to give clients an added layer of security and protection knowing that help is available whenever needed.

Easily mountable anywhere within a residence such as a nightstand, or bathroom. Each RA3TXW is shipped with both 3M Command™ strips and rubber feet that can be attached to the back of the unit. The Command™ strips are ideal for customers who intend to mount the RA3TXW on the wall. The rubber feet are ideal for those who intend to place the RA3TXW on a nightstand, table, or other flat surface. For more information on installation of 3M Command™ strips, see

UL tested, shower safe and water resistant. Mytrex designed the wall button to be used with both the MXD and the MXD-LTE.

Wall Button

myActive Alert +

The myActive alert + is designed so that a client can push the button for help at any time. It can also automatically activate an emergency alarm if it detects a fall in the event that the user is unable to trigger an alarm by pressing the button due to the fall. The myActive + button can be used with both the MXD and the MXD-LTE.


Note: fall sensors do not detect 100% of falls. Clients should always be instructed to press the button for help if possible.

myActive Alert +


myConnect is the next evolution in mobile PERs and is designed with both the end user and dealer in mind. It is small, lightweight, water resistant and easy to use. It operates on 4G LTE network and utilizes GPS and WiFi for location-based services. 

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