Regarding the upcoming 3G Sunset

  • 3G Sunset is Coming. 

  • This is a nationwide, carrier driven sunset.

  • The final sunset date for all AT&T 3G devices will be Feb 22, 2022.

  • Pre-planning is very important... Click below to learn more. 


With over 30 years of experience in the medical alert industry, Mytrex is future proofing the next generation of medical alert systems. The winning combination of the dual carrier MXD-LTE and myLink portal allows you to reduce your cost of ownership, while maintaining the next level of service and features for your customers. 

Log into the myLink portal and connect to your MXD-LTE units over the air; switch carriers, change languages, pair devices, push messages, and much more. Mytrex provides an ever-expanding feature set, on going device implementation, and a passion for the Medical alert industry. We are ready for what's next. Are you?

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Designed to be more cost effective to own, monitor and service than any other in the industry.

  • Compatible with VoIP, cable telephone systems and cell terminals.

  • Designed to communicate in all formats into any central station.



The MXD-LTE is the next generation in cellular PERS technology

  • Dual Carrier LTE; AT&T and Verizon certified 

  • Cloud-based (via myLink portal)


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